The Wooden Boat Museum is excited to announce the launch of our booklet series based on the work of our folklore documentation program. Three regional booklets have been created highlighting the boats and builders from around our island. The content, collected between 2012 and 2016 during field work, involved interviewing builders, lifting lines from boats and photography. Our booklets strive to tell the stories of building and using wooden boats on the waters in and around the island. Three regions have been highlighted for this series.

  • Building Boats on the Gander River
  • Building Dories in the Bay of Islands
  • Building Boats in Glovertown

Each booklet is regionally unique. Learn about the design and construction of each boat and the regional variances that make each boat unique. Recount memories with builders like Basil Gillingham of George’s Point, Gander Bay, who builds the Gander River Boat. “My father used to build boats and that’s how I came to learn. The first boat I built I was sixteen years old,” he says. “I sold it for $50; for a brand new boat. They weren’t worth much money then. They’re worth a couple thousand dollars now.”


Booklets are available for $10 each or all 3 for $25