Cle Newhook (1943-2018)

Last weekend, the Wooden Boat Museum of Newfoundland and Labrador lost an old friend. Cle Newhook died of cancer early on the morning of March 3, 2018. He was 74. Cle was an active member of the Museum since its incorporation and served on the Board of Directors from 2011-2015.

Cle was a man of many interests. An ordained minister, he was socially and politically active and provided support to a “parish” that extended from the east end of London to the families of the victims of the Ocean Ranger tragedy. We will remember him for his love of Newfoundland heritage as expressed through his concerns for the Newfoundland Pony and, of course, the small wooden boats that he grew up with in Trinity Bay.

We will remember Cle for his strong voice on the Board and for his active promotion of wooden boat heritage. He was the editor of the WBMNL quarterly newsletter, a leader in the development of the WBMNL website, and the producer of a promotional video for the Museum. A milestone in the Museum’s documentation of our wooden boat heritage is the film that Cle produced on Henry Vokey and the building of the “One Last Schooner”, Leah Caroline.

The Museum’s reason for being is to preserve and promote the role of wooden boats in our heritage. Like many other communities that sought a living from the sea, the original boats and their builders are passing. If the heritage of the wooden boat is to live on for future generations, we will have to ensure that the story continues to be told, in the museum, in books and film, and in the boats themselves. Thank you Cle, for telling your story.