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Tours & Programs

Guided tours available. Group tours available by request: inquiries@woodenboatmuseum.com

Boat Building Workshops

Learn the craft of boat building as our forebearers did. Passed down informally through families, the skills required to craft small wooden boats were critical to survival. Our Resident Boat Builder employs traditional and contemporary methods to demonstrate wooden boat building. Using a hands-on approach, the sessions teach technical skills while providing a glimpse into the history of an enduring cultural tradition.

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Creative Hands

Each weekend during the summer, you will find artists and craftspeople demonstrating their skills, knowledge and craft. The program features artists, musicians, carvers and other craftspeople whose creative works reflect Newfoundland and Labrador’s culture and heritage.

Every Saturday in July and August


Heritage Trail

The Heritage Trail takes you through the scenic town of Winterton. View and learn about the local scenery, fishing stages and historic buildings.