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Before Fibreglass

The Story

The history and heritage of Newfoundland and Labrador has been undoubtedly linked to the wooden boat. Our ancestors fashioned their boats by hand, starting with the harvesting of raw wood from our forests. Their livelihood depended heavily on these vessels as they battled the elements of our treacherous coastal waters in order to reap the benefits of the bountiful ocean. For centuries, our fishery has fuelled the local economy and sustained families in every community around our coastline.

Today, these wooden boats are disappearing. The role they played in our everyday lives is also disappearing along with the boat building knowledge and skills handed down from generation to generation. This exhibition increases public education and knowledge regarding the Intangible Cultural Heritage of wooden boats and their contribution to this province.


The exhibition consists of 47 interpretation panels, workbench and tool display, Beothuk Canoe model and display case, model boats (punt, motorboat, speedboat, dory) with display cases.

Required Exhibition Space

3000 ft2 for the entire exhibition.
The exhibition can be customized for smaller spaces.


The exhibition is available April 2016.
Rental time: Up to 6 months.


$10,000 (transportation not included).
Customized portions of the exhibition are available. Please call for pricing details.

Accompanying Material

Visitor hand-out brochures available at additional cost (Punt, Dory, Motorboat, Gander River Boat).

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